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We are passionate about communication.

We believe you are amazing and we want to help you tell the world how extraordinary you are. We want to show-off what you have designed, developed, solved and explain why these achievements are so remarkable.  We want everyone to be as in awe of you as we are.





Director and Founder of Emmett & Churchman Ltd and Emmett & Smith Ltd – 27 years in B2B PR – her formative professional years were spent in the Saatchi group working on global consumer advertising brands. Here, she learnt about the principles of persuasive communication from the best practitioners in the world.

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Co-Founder of Emmett & Churchman Ltd, Liz has 15 years’ B2B PR experience under her belt. Starting her career in telecoms giant BT Liz took the brave step in 2003 to join the PR world. Liz delivers to target with clockwork efficiency and has an exceptional understanding of the very best customer service practice.

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Our philosophy:

We believe in being kind, decent and honest.  We work hard to support the best interests of our clients. We aim to treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  We love to be challenged but, while the occasional shot of adrenaline can be very exciting at work, we aim to keep those dramas to a minimum.  Laughter and collaboration rank highly on our list of ‘things that are important to us’.

Anywhere that water and engineering come together has a special place in our hearts and we think membership organisations are pretty cool too.

….and finally, we believe that in most cases, chocolate is most probably the answer.

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