What should you be looking for in b2b PR company? When outsourcing your PR activity, you need to find a partner you believe can help you achieve your goals, who you trust with your confidences, who you will enjoy working with and from whom you will acquire valuable knowledge. Furthermore, the chemistry needs to feel just right. With this in mind here are some questions worth asking before making an appointment:

1) What does success look like? – You need to share a vision of what you are trying to achieve with the help of your agency. Take the time to envision your desired results and create targets against which you can measure and celebrate success.
2) Who will be your day to day contact? – You need to know who you will be working with and whether you feel comfortable with your brand in their hands. There’s nothing worse than appointing an agency and finding you’re working with the office junior.
3) Who will be liaising with the press on your behalf? – It is always important to familiarise yourself with who will be communicating with the press as they are an ambassador for you, your values and your business.
4) Who will be drafting press material for you? – what are their capabilities, expertise and experience. Have a look at examples of their work – not just press coverage but the material they sent to the press in the first place.
5) What are the campaigns KPI’s? – quantifiable milestones help to determine whether you are succeeding or not and enable you to identify whether something needs reinforcing, adjusting or aborting.
6) How will progress be reported? – regular progress reports are an essential to keep track of campaign activities, monitor progress against the KPIs and to identify and address any emerging challenges to keep the delivery of the project on track
7) What is the problem-resolution process? – Hope for the best and plan for the worst. You need to have a procedure in place to address issues and challenges. It’s better to have a process rather than an assumption of how things will work and, if it’s not in your contract, for this to be documented as a point of reference.

Client-agency relationships rarely celebrate a third birthday, a shocking statistic which is indicative of how hard it is to find the right PR partner. I think this is probably because the matchmaking process is not given the right consideration. We hope these questions will help you find your forever agency!