Media training

Media training


The Mason Advisory Cybersecurity practice awareness campaign has delivered consistent brand visibility and as the campaign gathers momentum, there will be increased opportunity for its experts to engage with journalists. The task was to equip Mason Advisory’s cybersecurity practice spokespeople with the knowledge, skills and practical experience of being questioned by a journalist so that they could deliver an interesting, informed and compelling interview.


Spokespeople were provided with insight into how the media works, what journalists are looking for and the common bear traps to avoid. Each executive was then provided with a number of bespoke scenarios to practice with EC-PR playing the role of the journalist. The executives were filmed to add tension so that they could experience answering questions under pressure.


Graeme Park, Mason Advisory Senior Cybersecurity Consultant: “The workshop was excellent, achieving all its stated aims. I left feeling fully equipped to engage with journalists in multiple scenarios and with a rounded understanding of the media. The tailored role-play allowed me to practice the skills learnt in a positive and testing environment which was specifically relevant to my role.”

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