What We Do


We provoke responses.  Effective communication should always provoke a response whether that is to think, to feel, to do or to engage in a certain way.  We convert your technical prowess into stories that will educate, inform and persuade.

b2b research

We work with your customers to better understand their motivations, wants and needs so that we can help you develop messaging that directly addresses their concerns and aspirations.

Skills transfer

We design workshops and programmes to up-skill your team including presentation skills, messaging, networking skills and media training.  Furthermore, Lorraine Emmett has developed the Communication Skills for Engineers suite of workshops currently being delivered on behalf of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA).



Strategy is not complex, it simply answers any question that starts with: How? A communication strategy documents the plan for achieving the goal, featuring recognisable milestones to mark our progress.



Communicating with conviction is all about knowing what outcome you want, what change in behaviour you want to provoke, and developing the campaign to enable you to achieve it. We help you to develop messaging that results in the responses that your business needs.

Campaign Delivery

At the end of the day, irrespective of what media you choose, success will only be achieved if the content of your campaign engages, inspires, informs or challenges.  We help you to create whatever content is necessary to engage your audience.  This might include news, case studies, white papers,  film, photos, comment, thought leadership or events.


Project management

We believe that campaigns need to be project managed effectively so that we can manage expectations, mark milestones and celebrate achievements, while ensuring that challenges don’t become problems. Effective project management reduces risk and increases success rates.



We will introduce you to the most influential journalists in your sector and help you to build meaningful relationships with them.  We will identify stories, ideas and concepts that will inspire and intrigue the press, so that your knowledge, capabilities and achievements receive the recognition they deserve.



It is important to regularly assess and adapt PR activities to ensure they are as effective as they can be. Evaluation can provide an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and in turn, help us to achieve your project goals more efficiently. The type of evaluation will depend on the project’s objectives.





Our Philosophy

We believe in being kind, decent and honest.  We work hard to support the best interests of our clients. We aim to treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  We love to be challenged but, while the occasional shot of adrenaline can be very exciting at work, we aim to keep those dramas to a minimum.  Laughter and collaboration rank highly on our list of ‘things that are important to us’.

Anywhere that water and engineering come together has a special place in our hearts and we think membership organisations are pretty cool too.

….and finally, we believe that in most cases, chocolate is most probably the answer.

communicate with conviction